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Personal Bests

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I only ran this game for a short time, but I was pleased with this run at the time. Something about speedrunning scary games is really appealing to me.


I ran this game on and off for a while. My run is outdated in terms of strategy, but it's still not bad in rank. Not to mention I'm rank 2 for the route used

Lovely Planet

I intended to do more with this game than a rough individual world time. Unfortunatly I was losing interest in speedrunning around the same time I picked up this game


My times here are not the most impressive, but I dumped a bunch of time into the game. I decided to stop once i got sub 5 beginner, sub 30 intermediate and sub 120 advanced as it was rough on my wrist at the time.

Portal 2

Arguably my main speedgame. I never felt I was the best, but I did have some short lived IL WRs and my SS used to better. RTA never took off as a catagory but it was fun to run regardless as I got to abuse 2 major glitches that are not used in SS. 'W ony' refers to W as a movement key. It's a joke catagory, but basically I could not walk backwards or use my strafe keys

Risk of Rain

I started running this game with a friend for fun. I always played acrid lol. I ended up trying to do solo runs, but I found it was a lot more enjoyable to do coop. Such a RNG heavy game too.


This game is very silly. Old version of the game.

Super Mario 64

I never put too much time into this game. Most of it was trying to improve 16 star, and I ended up getting an OK time. My 70 star has loads of room for improvement.

Tiny Brains

Fun little game, but like Lovely Planet, I only ever got around to doing a single section of the game.